Amanda J. Wendorff – Professional Triathlete

Amanda Wendorff is a professional triathlete and multisport coach based in Chicago, Illinois, Madison, Wisconsin and Boulder, Colorado. After ten years as a corporate litigator, Amanda temporarily traded in her formal suits for swimwear, bike kits, and running shoes, and left the courtroom behind to travel the world and chase some dreams.


Amanda coaches triathletes professionally with Multisport Mastery. Whether you’re looking to finish your first triathlon or stand atop the podium, Multisport Mastery offers training plans and experiences designed for your unique needs. From beginners to world champions, our athletes seek to achieve mastery and find their personal best. Through customized training, education and communication, our knowledgeable, experienced and passionate coaches will guide you to reach your goals, whatever they may be and wherever you want to go.

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